Sunday Worship  @ 10:30am  

Live in our building and on Zoom    Mtg ID- 605 115 721       

                           Passcode- 026373

                                                                                TEMPORARY GUIDELINES

1. Before you enter, use hand sanitizer. When you exit do the same.
2. Before you enter, by State regulation, we will ask you to answer one question truthfully: “Have you been ill with flu-like or cold symptoms in the last 15 days?” If yes, go home. If no,   come on in.
3. Follow Entry / Exit directions from the entrance and into the building.

1.We encourage social distancing to be maintained at all times in all areas. Please keep at least 6 feet apart from the next person / family that does not live in your home. Families that live together should also sit together.
2. IF you come into contact with people not of your household you must wash / sanitize your hands.
3. The governor of Colorado has mandated that masks must be worn in indoor public settings.  (EXCEPTIONS are in place per the order and the ADA. If you are unable to wear a mask because of certain conditions, you will not be asked about it, and will be happily welcomed. Also, clergy is exempt while speaking from the platform.)  We will try to have a supply of masks on hand, but we recommend that you bring your own from home.  Gloves are not recommended.
4.We will enter through the front door, and exit out of the side door.
5. We will not be using the Children’s church area, or toddler nurseries. The nursery off of the sanctuary will only be used by nursing mothers.
6. PLEASE try to avoid touching your face with your hands at all times when in the church building.
7. Crowd sizes will be limited to maintain social distancing requirements.

1.Because of bathroom size, try to have only one person in them at a time. We have restrooms available on the lower level as well.
2. WASH YOUR HANDS every time you utilize the bathroom for ANY reason!
3. Please use the aerosol spray disinfectant provided.

1. Please follow directions given by our greeters for entry and exit into the Sanctuary.
2. When being seated please maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from other persons or families. The chairs are already positioned for this.                                                                        3. Offering will be received at drop areas at the Sanctuary entrance. Place your offering in the plate in those areas as you either enter or leave.
4. At the close of Worship please remain in your seat until the Pastor or Usher dismisses your row. We will exit as at a wedding; one row at a time, starting at the back (the closest to the side exit door).

1. Please be prayerful. Ask the Lord to deliver us from this virus and heal our community nation and world.
2. Please be patient. This isn’t easy. We covet your compassionate understanding as we cope with both the virus and State requirements.
3. Please be cooperative. We ask that you follow our directions for the sake of the safety of others who may be at risk in our Congregation.
4. Please, IF you are an “at risk” person with health complications, you may consider staying home and enjoying our services online. OR perhaps you can enjoy our services from your vehicle in the church parking lot.
6. Please sanitize your hands each time you enter / exit the building. Keep yourself safe by also avoiding touching your face, ears, etc.
7. Please be understanding. After every Sunday service the building MUST be kept empty for 72 hours so if the virus has entered our building it will die before you come back. That allows us time for Sunday Morning services and Wednesday Evening services. The Pastor’s Office will be the only exception to the rule (he cleans things pretty well!).
8. Please be aware of the possibility of infection any time / place in the building (without being paranoid). We are asking our cleaning service to provide a disinfecting of the church building at least twice monthly. Some of our people will also do some disinfecting / cleaning so we can do what we can to ensure your safety during this time.
9. Please be helpful. Ask the pastor if you can assist by helping with cleaning / disinfecting or with the donation of certain supplies (hand sanitizer, masks, etc.).

January Message Series:         ZECHARIAH - Words for Our Day

                                                                          God is in Control

“The GOD we serve IS


His Son redeemed us, His Word guides us, and His Spirit empowers us

 as we PRAY, while we PRAISE, and live out His PURPOSE."

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